About Me


This is me…

I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Tae and that is a Korean name.  I was born in South Korea and grew up in Paraguay, South America and came to study in US to go to college.  Since the graduation with Computer Science degree I have worked in Microsoft, then in Boeing, back to Microsoft, then Wall Data, then Software.com, then AOL, then Classmates.com, then AT&T, then New York Life, and now I am working as a real estate broker for a small company that nobody knows.

After 30 some years I finally found what I really like to do with my life.  Real Estate Broker is a dream career for me.  What I do most of the times is going around the town and visit all the small businesses and pass around my business cards and tell them that I specialize in commercial businesses and talk around with them.   This way I am finding all my clients and I am never out of work.

With a good and honest work I do with every clients, the word start to go around and people find out about me and start to call me when they have need of an honest real estate agent, and so I am doing fine even with this pandemic diseases around the world.

I love my work and I love the people I meet everyday.   Sometimes I make mistake, then I am quick in taking the responsibility and fix the error and quick in apologizing.

I hope that you come here often and get something useful everytime you come.  Please let your friends know about this site and invite them to come here for answers they need.  I will broaden the subjects as time goes…

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